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Creating an e-store for your company is a good and easy way to improve business opportunities. Almost all business areas can run an e-shop.

I create your company’s e-store using WordPress content management software and Woocommerce application. The products sold can be both physical and virtual. I have mainly focused on making so-called boutique e-shops, where the number of products reaches up to 100. I also have experience in interfacing all the most popular payment, delivery and marketing applications, which is necessary for convenient shopping. The goal is to create an online store in which the purchasing process for the customer, as well as the management of the store for the employee, is simple and understandable.

The e-shops I create are dynamic and develop together with the company. It is always possible to create product category sheets, enter products, add landing sheets, etc.

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The process of creating an e-store

1. Planning

Creating an e-store starts with planning, where the first step should be to think about the structure of the e-store, the content pages to be added, as well as the structure of the product page and product category page. In addition, it is worth considering the product categories, product labels and characteristics (such as size, color, material, etc.) assigned to the products. This is important if there is a desire to offer the possibility to filter products, then through features they can do it comfortably.

The payment and delivery options offered in the e-shop are also very important. Today, I mainly recommend to my customers a payment solution Payment center – which offers bank links in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. In addition, it is possible to add credit card payments to the website via the Payment Center. When choosing delivery partners, it is worth considering whether there is a desire and possibility to deliver products via a parcel machine, or whether it is also necessary to use a courier service.

In the planning phase, it is always important to think about the necessary connections with different programs – for example, accounting -, warehouse program, e-mail marketing program, etc.

On average, it takes 2-4 weeks to create an e-store. I usually work on up to 3 projects at a time, and in order for the work to go smoothly, I always ask my clients to set aside time for this period and focus on creating an e-store so that we can quickly resolve any questions and suggestions that arise.

2. E-store content and design

The brand language of your company is important for the appearance of the e-store, as well as the nuances that are already familiar to the user.

The most important thing when creating an e-shop is content! My goal when creating a design is to always display the most important information in such a way that the customer notices it. I am waiting for information about you, which are the key indicators that need to be brought out in the e-shop. In the structure of the product sheet, it is necessary to consider recurring fields (for example, product ingredients, instructions for use), whether it is necessary to add instructions for use to the product sheet, etc. In the same way, it is necessary to think about the information to be added to all other content pages. To transmit information, I use a special program, through which it is convenient for us to exchange information with each other.

When creating a design template, we talk about the basics of design – usually based on the logo, we set which colors to use, what font / font style to use, whether and how to use graphic elements, what images to add to the e-shop, etc. If your company has a CVI, we will use it. I design the page in a design program and after approval we move on to the development phase.

3. E-store development

Once the content has been thought out and the appearance agreed upon, I will start developing the e-shop.

4. Entering information and managing the e-shop

The creation of the e-store is already coming to an end! When the development work is completed, we will start entering the information. According to the agreement, I will do it either entirely myself, we will share the tasks with each other, or you will enter all the information in the e-shop you. While entering the information, you will learn how to manage your e-shop and I will support you all the time. If necessary, I will create short videos on how to add information.

5. Disclosure
Once the information has been entered into the e-shop, we will disclose it. I always say that the right work in adding the content of the e-shop starts when the page is public – customers have questions, new products, etc. All information in the e-shop can always be changed. I will help you do this or you can get help if you want WordPress Management Guide

Your new e-shop …

✓ is your company’s 24/7 salesman and customer service channel

✓ grows the customer base and raises the company’s awareness

✓ increases sales

✓ makes the products you offer visible and available on the Internet

✓ provides the necessary information about the products

✓ makes your company reliable

✓ works on different devices and has a user-friendly design

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