Website maintenance

The website maintenance I provide includes regular updating of added applications and plugins to ensure the security of the websites and back-ups Updates are required for both detected bugs to improve functionality and functionality. In addition, I help you by entering information on the website (blogs, news, texts, gallery, etc.).

As additional services, it is possible to manage and monitor keywords related to the website, track web performance, and broken links. All to be visible to the search engine and user-friendly to your website visitor.

Home page needs constant attention to ensure both its marketing performance and its reliability. kodulehe hooldus

Website maintenance process

1. Software Update

The WordPress content management system is the most widely used worldwide, and there are many software updates that need to be downloaded.

2. Plug-ins

It is also necessary to update the plug-ins on the website regularly to ensure different functions.

3. A copy of the Website and
saving it

There are various reasons why a copy of a website needs to be restored. One part of a website maintenance service is making a copy of the website and saving it.

4. Enter information

Updating the information on the website is extremely important. If necessary, I help by entering both project-based and regular information

Maintained website …

✓ increases the security of the website

✓ makes the website faster

✓ Plug-in and software updates correct detected code errors

✓ adds functionality to the website

✓ Save on the cost of important applications

Package I

Suitable for a small, single-language website without various integrations and special solutions. I will take care of the website's functionality by performing necessary updates.
25 month
  • Price per website
  • WordPress version updates
  • Updating plugins
  • Updating design templates
  • 1 x monthly backup (keep 90 days)
  • User management
  • Free Elementor PRO license (annual cost $ 99)
  • Free ASTRA PRO license (annual cost $ 59)

Package II

Suitable for medium-sized websites and smaller e-commerce sites. Your website will regularly receive updates, backups will be created and maintained. The package also includes up to one hour of data entry.
45 month
  • All services included in Package I, plus additional ones
  • Daily backup (keep 90 days)
  • PHP upgrades
  • Entering information on the website (up to 1 hour per month)
  • Automatic daily security check

Additional services

If desired, you can order additional services that help you better understand the functioning of your website.
  • SEO Ranking +10€ per month
    We monitor up to 100 keywords provided by you and track how your website's position changes.
  • Performance Check +10€ per moth
    Regular monitoring of website performance helps improve the website's loading speed, thereby enhancing user experience and SEO results.
  • Monitoring of broken links +€10 per month
    Daily, we scan through all the links on the website. This allows us to promptly address issues related to broken links and avoid negative impacts on SEO and user experience.
  • Weekly reporting +€10 per month
    The report includes Google Analytics statistics, in SEO. Requires access to Google Analytics.

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