Web hosting promo code that gives you free server service

Good news! Veebimajutus.ee makes the start of creating a webpage would be easier and offers its server services to our partners completely free of charge for 3 months.

The discount is valid for both the Email Accommodation, Web Accommodation and Make-your-own-Web packages. See the packages in more detail here on the Veebimajutus.ee website.

To use the incentive:

  • Add a domain of your choice to your order
  • Choose the type of accommodation you want
  • Indicate a settlement period of at least 6 months

The order of operations is not important, you can also start ordering from accommodation.

The promo code for the online accommodation that gives you the accommodation service is.


The promotional code of the web hosting can be used by current, future and even a few former customers of RA Media/Riin.eu. The discount applies to everyone who wants it!
If you need help creating a website, please ask for more information about website creation, you can already get a specific quote by filling in the contact form.

Veebimajutus.ee (Elkdata OÜ) is the largest European domain name provider in Estonia and an accredited registrar of .ee domains, servicing more than 25 000 domains on a daily basis. You are dealing with the right people if you want to register a domain name and get your domain name, email address and website up and running comfortably.

Webmajutus has been in business for 18 years and their services are used by more than 15,000 businesses in Estonia.

Which Web Hosting package to choose?

I recommend for websites Web Hosting Plus is a package. It is possible to include a Redis or Memcached cache in the package, which allows you to significantly increase the speed of your website or e-shop. Separate IP and HTTPS together provide additional flexibility, security and functionality, which is essential for the introduction of ID cards and Mobile ID, for example. In addition, this package includes a monthly fee and convenient self-service integration of Plausible.io visitor stats (€9 when purchased separately), as well as the WordPress security protection Patchstack (€14 when purchased separately).

I can help if you need a new website or e-shop. Feel free to contact me and we can talk more.

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